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Junior Winter Camp Brochure!

The new Winter Camp
brochure is officially out!

Also check out the awesome
Junior Winter Camp Brochure!

Senior Winter Camp 2014

Join Jarryd and Matan on a journey back in time, back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth, back to the days of primordial ooze and those weird shellfish things…

Back in time to MACHANE EVOLUTZIA!!!!


Hey everyone, as you have probably guessed Senior Winter Camp is on the horizon and we are all SUPER STOKED FOR IT!

It will be taking place on the 6th - 13th of July and will be at the beautiful Manaia Baptist camp.

Camp is open to Chotrim and Bonim (years 10-11 and 12-13 respectively)


For any questions or more information regarding camp contact
Jarryd Peterson

email: jarrydp@slingshot.co.nz
ph: 02102692395

For financial assistance contact Barak Abitbol
email: barakabitbol@hotmail.com
ph: 0210619049

Camp Enquiries

Science vs Religion…

Auckland Ken

Science vs Religion… and other mighty topics
Hi Aucklanders, 

I hope we’re all doing well in the greatest city!

This Sunday at Auckland Ken we will be running a program discussing Judaism vs Science and all the theories surrounding the topic of evolution and God..

  • Did God create science?
  • Did science create a God?
Now those are two very interesting questions and I hope we can cover them in 2 hours!
I hope to see you all there, usual time, usual place. Check out the super cool poster below!

If you need to reach me call 0211261187 or email avigal9@hotmail.com.

Avigal Kazula (

No Habo today :(

Auckland Ken

Hi Aucklanders,

Just a quick reminder that there is no Auckland Ken program today for Habo due to the madrichim  being at Limmud. I hope everyones doing well and we’ll see you all next week.

Shavua Tov, 
If you need to reach me call 0211261187 or email avigal9@hotmail.com.

Avigal Kazula (

Dinner this Friday

Auckland Ken

Hi Aucklanders,

I hope everyone’s doing well! This Friday 8th August we will be having a dinner and movie relating to conservation of environment for Shtilim, Nitzanim and Amelim, this is an especially important topic for New Zealand as we all want to keep our country looking clean and green. While Chotrim and Bonim will be having a peulah and some chill time.  Dinner will be a vegetarian lasagne (please let me know if your child has any allergies asap). We ask that everyone can bring $5 to cover food costs. The evening will be from 6:30-8:30pm at the Moadon (79 Margot St). There will be no Sunday Program!

Last Sunday we had an amazing turn out at Auckland Ken. We were able to run very interesting and educational peulot ( programs) about the current Israeli conflict. For Shtilim, Nitzanim and Amelim we ran a peulah on the history of the area and how misunderstanding and extreme ideologies can lead to great conflict and putting innocents at risk, we discussed a bit about the general New Zealand opinion surrounding this topic and urge you all to continue these discussions with your children. For Chotrim and Bonim we ran a peulah on the power of the media in relation to the conflict and talked about how perspectives can be easily shaped if not educated holistically.

I hope to see you all this Friday,
If you need to reach me call 0211261187 or email avigal9@hotmail.com.

Avigal Kazula (