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Junior Winter Camp Brochure!

The new Winter Camp
brochure is officially out!

Also check out the awesome
Junior Winter Camp Brochure!

Senior Winter Camp 2014

Join Jarryd and Matan on a journey back in time, back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth, back to the days of primordial ooze and those weird shellfish things…

Back in time to MACHANE EVOLUTZIA!!!!


Hey everyone, as you have probably guessed Senior Winter Camp is on the horizon and we are all SUPER STOKED FOR IT!

It will be taking place on the 6th - 13th of July and will be at the beautiful Manaia Baptist camp.

Camp is open to Chotrim and Bonim (years 10-11 and 12-13 respectively)


For any questions or more information regarding camp contact
Jarryd Peterson

email: jarrydp@slingshot.co.nz
ph: 02102692395

For financial assistance contact Barak Abitbol
email: barakabitbol@hotmail.com
ph: 0210619049

Camp Enquiries

Shana Tova!!

Auckland Ken

Hey Guys,

No program this Sunday due to the holidays,
I hope everyone’s well and had a lovely Rosh Ha’Shana! 
We are running a peulah for Yom Kippur on the Saturday 4th October at Beth Shalom at 10am for all ages. So please come join us!

Shana Tova,

Avigal Kazula

Museum Scavenger Hunt

Auckland Ken

Hi Aucklanders,

Get excited for the most excitingly awesome program to end term 3.
We are heading to the Auckland Museum for an unforgettable treasure hunt (check out super cool poster below)!!
Please reply to me so I can get an idea of numbers planning to attend and read this whole email to get all the information!!
Important information to note:

  • This program will be for All age groups (between school year 3 and 13)
  • We would appreciate if everyone could bring $2 to cover some of the tziud (resources) and snack costs.
  • The program will run between 1pm – 3pm on Sunday 21st September.
  • Could all kids please be dropped and picked up from the auckland museum, Madrichim will be leaving the Moadon at 12:40 if anyone need a ride but please let me know before hand so we can ensure everyone arrives at the museum.
  • Museums entry is free for all Auckland residents so anyone over the age of 16 please bring proof of address (bank statements/ IDs etc) to ensure everyone can enter, parents be aware of this too incase planning to hang around.
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there,

Avigal Kazula

Tomorrow Habo Activity!!

Auckland Ken

Well Hello AUCKLAND!!!!
This Sunday 14th of September at Auckland Ken we will be running a program that is different from the rest… a program so exciting, even the madrichim are shaking in their boots…
And what is it about you may ask?!?! DEMOCRACY!!!! And before you say that democracy is boring, consider the endless possibilities of learning about youth empowerment! Equal rights! AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!! This potentially life changing peulah will be from 1- 3pm at the Moadon (79 Margot St) for all ages (school years 4 – 13.) and we hope above all else that
 you can all make it :) Be there or be  square!!!!! 
Now, there is some sad news……  next week will be are last program for the term! But never fear, we will be back, and back for good after term holidays end!

Oh, and an Important Note: Please make sure your children have eaten lunch prior to the program, we do provide snacks but want them to have as much energy to HAVE THE TIME FO THEIR LIVES until 3. We would also appreciate it if ipads, ipods, playing cards and other distractions could be left at home to ensure everyone is as focused and social as possible. Wouldn’t be awful if those Magic playing cards came home covered in paint?!?!?!  

OH AND ANOTHER!!!!! Just a quick reminder that we’ve released the save the date for Summer Camp 2015, the poster will be below and the dates are 4th – 14th January!!!!!!!! so keep those dates free and add Habonim Dror ANZ on facebook. More information will be coming out soon!!! 

Also if you know anyone who would be interested in being camp doctor/ medic for this time please let me know as soon as possible, we are on a desperate search and would be so grateful for anyone who can help us with such an important event for the NZ jewish community!


If you need to reach me call 0211261187 or email avigal9@hotmail.com.

Shabbat Shalom,

Avigal Kazula (