Streams of Judaism

Auckland Ken

Hi Aucklanders, 
This Sunday 7th of September at Auckland Ken we will be running a program about the many Streams of Judaism and discussing the differences and conflicts that arise in Israel due to these different beliefs. This peulah will be from 1- 3pm at the Moadon (79 Margot St) for all ages (school years 4 – 13.) I hope you can all make it 🙂

Important Note: Please make sure your children have eaten lunch prior to the program, we do provide snacks but want them to have as much energy to concentrate until 3. We would also appreciate it if ipads, ipods, playing cards and other distractions could be left at home to ensure everyone is as focused and social as possible. 

Just a quick reminder that we’ve released the save the date for Summer Camp 2015, the poster will be below and the dates are 4th – 14th January! so keep those dates free and add Habonim Dror ANZ on facebook. More information will be coming out soon!

Also if you know anyone who would be interested in being camp doctor/ medic for this time please let me know as soon as possible, we are on a desperate search and would be so grateful for anyone who can help us with such an important event for the NZ jewish community!


If you need to reach me call 0211261187 or email

Avigal Kazula (