With the effort that madrichim put into planning peulot, we hope that you’ll remember them and their messages for years to come. Sometimes there will be peulot that you remember because they didn’t end too well, (like that time a chanicha got knocked out (she’s so fine now)), or maybe you remember them because they worked far too well (that time the madrichim made the chanichim all accuse one another of stealing), and sometimes, you’ll remember them because it brought you closer to your fellow chanichim in ways that you never expected (did someone say something about drinking milk in exchange for chocolate? Sounds ok to me…)

Literally any time the madrichim from Shnat year 2013 have to decide on spending money as a collective unit, at least one person has to suggest that “we should throw the money into the ocean!” The lack of hope and the absence of a solution that works for everyone is reminiscent of a peulah that a group of now-madrichim had when they were in bonim, which to this day remains a huge point of contention.

The group was given $10 and taken to the nearest convenience store to the camp. They were told to make a collective decision on what they would spend the money, and in true Habonim Dror fashion, the decision was to take approximately three hundred hours. The battle raged for hours, with some group members arguing for THIS, against THAT, for a purchase that meant everyone had the same, for a decision that split the money equally, the lollies by size, do we buy a packet, do we buy dollar bags, do we go sweet, savoury, hot, cold, go big or go home!

With no end in sight, in what can only be described as desperation, one chanich suggested with madness in his eyes, “GUYS, we should throw the money into the ocean.”

The commotion that followed was of world-war proportions. How dare they suggest such wastefulness, the group was given this money to fill themselves with sugar. Others suggested he may have a point – financial inequality can’t exist if money doesn’t exist.

Some event went further to suggest that the madrichim told him to say that! Of course this was the aim of the peulah, to get everyone arguing and to throw the devil’s advocate into the mix! No – that suggestion is to be disregarded immediately, that’s what the powers that be want us to do!
In the commotion, two madrichim melted into the background. Whenever this story is recounted, it seems that in the chaos, the two took the chance to purchase their own milkshakes – an amazing idea on such a hot day. When the dust settled and the arguments subsided, a few anti-climatic decisions were reached; some would make individual, some as smaller groups.

It should be noted that several months ago, the Auckland madrichim ran a similar peulah with shtillim, aged 8 and 9. To hear their madrich recount the experience, there were zero arguments. Some chanichim made individual purchases, some pooled their money, and all of them shared their treasures when they arrived back at the moadon.

We are one hundred percent ready for them to take over as madrichim, and have zero worries about the future of this movement in their hands.