If you’re joining us at Machane Simcha this summer (and you should be,) you better get ready to spend ten whole days with the coolest twenty-five – ish Madrichim you’ve ever met in your life! The Habonim Dror ANZ Madrichim are currently (mostly) all in one place for planning seminar getting things ready for camp, and while it would take forever to write about every single one of them, we did get to chat to a few!

Hannah Etherington, how was Shnat?

Amaaaaaazing, she says, with the weight of an entire year resting on her shoulders. How do you sum up such a life changing experience in a few short words?
Hannah has been a camp regular since Nitzanim, and got back to Christchurch a few short weeks ago from a year away in Israel. She’s been to every camp that she could possibly go to, and now, with a head full of inspiration, ideas and ideology, she’s keen to impart some knowledge.

Hannah led as a Madricha for the first time last year, hanging out with Nitzanim.

“They were… Crazy fun,” she says, as politely as possible. “You would not believe how much energy they have!” She really enjoyed getting to know them, see them develop friendships, and watch them grow on what was, for some of them, their first ever camp. Her favourite type of peulah to run is the type where Chanichim go on “missions.” Last year’s Giborei Al (Superhero) theme meant that there was plenty of opportunities to go on missions and superhero training; she loves how “the kids really got into it, which was so much fun.”

As a second year Madricha, Hannah is most looking forward to coming back as a Shnattie. “With all the stuff that I’ve learnt this year, with everything I’ve learnt about the movement and the ideology, I’m really looking forward to applying it and teaching others.”

So glad you’re back, Hannah!

(Hannah as a Chanicha back in the day!


Noah has been MIA since second-year Chotrim, and is coming in hot all the way from Wellington where he studies Political and Environmental Sciences (yo, heavy.) He’s helped out at a few Ken meetings in Wellywood, and he can’t wait for his first summer as a Habo Madrich. He’s excited to get back into the Habo vibe, and is full of new slang which we are LOVING.

As a Chanich, Noah always loved the quiz night type games. He says, “I lived for those – they got me fizzing!” Noah has also been telling me about his time as a young lad on camp, and although it’s giving me low key anxiety about the shenanigans he got up to, I can’t wait to see his energy on camp!

A few years on, when asked what he’s most looking forward to this summer, Noah says it’s “literally everything.” He thinks back to his time as a Chanich, and insists he’s really keen for “the river antics too. Mizdar, being crazy. No technology as well!” Noah admits that he’s fully amped to be amongst it, and he “just can’t wait to get into things.” This dude is an untapped volcano of energy, and any Chanichim who are lucky enough to get him as a Madrich are in for a treat!
(Noah helping out at Welly Ken.)


Tomer Simhony has been on a huge 12 camps as a Chanich, and is a seasoned Madrich with four camps under his belt! Having taken on the hugely important role of Gizbar this year, Tomer is the man to go to whenever the Ken needs snacks and crafts equipment, or whenever you’re running a camp or whatever. As our Sgan Rosh camp, he’s also the guy helping the main man run the show!

During the year, Tomer can be found squirrelled away in the engineering building at Auckland Uni, but he’s excited for camp to roll around so that he can chuck on his shoresh and air out his beautiful feet.

Tomer struggles to answer what he’s most looking forward to at camp, although he does remind me that he’s already told me that he can’t wait to build a canvas city. “Slightly aside from that, I just really like meal times where you get to see everybody from around the camp. And I like the ruach because I am table number one, number one number, I am table number one, where’s number two?”

As a Chanich he loved chill night programs – “I always fell asleep really quickly, and just had a such a great sleep.” As a Madrich, his priority has grown a bit away from sleeping, although it’s still pretty high up there. He likes the peulot where he encourages his Chanichim to bringing up a topic, and then rip it apart from both sides. He loves encouraging Chanichim to really understand the crux of what social issues really mean to us, and to encourage critical thinking.

After all, that’s really what Habo’s all about, no?

When asked his favourite camp as a Chanich, he jumps to answer, “Jack’s camp! Second year Bonim! We had the beeeeeest tent inspections ever, where we designed video games except in real life for the Rosh to enjoy. And we were robbed by my sister’s tent who won.” Old hurts die hard apparently, especially when you have to see the person who stole that satisfaction away from you, every day at home.

When I pressed Tomer about which camp he’s liked best as a Madrich, he replied, “do I like camp?” as he struggled to answer. It’s a tough question, as each year is so vastly different to the last, but of course he loves camp! He says Machane Giborei Al 2016 was a hugely satisfying camp “because I was more involved with everything. I got to really experience what it’s like to be leading, and also saw the work that admin does, that Mitbach does, that Machsan does.”

Putting on a camp definitely does have a lot of work put into it, so we’re glad we have Tomer up there making it all happen.
(Tomer being a mensch and showing us how to do cool stuff.)

Avigal Kazula has been on a whopping “16 or 17 camps” as a Chanicha and a Madricha. She’s easily a camp expert, and has spent the year running our fearless youth movement as our Mazkira. This means she makes sure the Madrichim are going good, and that everything “happens.” She also does lots of emails and meetings – so she’s looking forward to the lack of internet on camp!

As a Chanicha, her favourite peulot were always the intimate bonding ones where she got to know the other people, “just talking about life.” She also admits that she “always found Israel peulot and discussions interesting. And socialism.” Good things that’s another thing that Habo is all about!

Avi loves running peulot about questioning like society and questioning the norms. She often sees her Chanichim discussing issues with each other, engaging and talking with people their age, which is a deep connection they might not get the chance to make in their daily lives. She also loves watching them break down social constructs, and build lives and identities for themselves. If Avi’s your Madricha, make sure you pick her brain some time!

Apart from emails, Avi is most looking forward to the river. And leading her group, “because they’re freaking awesome and so much fun and they’ve come so far!” She can’t wait to see how they grow further this year.

Avi has to run to do more emails, but not before she has a quick second to tell us that her favourite camp was of course Machane Haganat Hateva Shkapowshka!
(Avigal being a fearless leader.)

Although this was only a few, we can’t wait for you to meet every single one of our Madrichim! Keep an eye out for the camp brochure in the next few weeks – we know you’re all dying to know who your leaders are!