Machane Simcha is a whole ten weeks and four days away! The madrichim are all counting down the days, with preparations well underway to make this the happiest camp every! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing a weekly post about why everyone should be at camp this January 8th to 18th!

We’re kicking off week 10 in the countdown with a photo montage of the best camp fashion styles over the years, and a list of the unquestionable camp staples.


We have stacks and stacks of cardboard, and we need to figure out what to do with it! Tsiud is always a peulah staple, and what better way to get the creative juices flowing than creating entire outfits out of just cardboard?


Straight from the Holy Land, these bad boys guarantee to give you the most counter-culture, camp-themed tan you could hope for.

Shoresh was founded in 1989, and are produced in Tirat-Carmel, in Israel. Every year, 5% of their profits are donated to social or environmental efforts in the nearby community, and are a versatile, durable option for camp footwear! Super awkward in design, shaped to show off the hair along the bone of your foot, and likely to give you a few blisters here and there, our shoresh have lasted us through Flood Camp, Torrential Rain New Year, countless tiyulim, in and out of the river, through fields, mud and endless cow-poo.


Nothing says New Zealand sun safety like a good old hat. The more flaps the better! If you have one of those hats with the side flaps they made us wear at primary school, we want to see it at camp!


I swear, I can spend an entire working outside in America, wear not a drop of suncream all summer, and not get burnt once. But the second I’m under the New Zealand sun I will burn to a crisp if I’m not wearing any.

There’s no doubt that suncream is a hugely important part of camp fashion. The harsh NZ sun will get you when you least expect in – as well as when you most expect it – so the madrichim try to have a stockpile of suncream on hand, ready for any occasion.

One of the most important days to wear suncream is on tiyul day. Hours in the sun can be dangerous if we’re not covered up, but luckily the madrichim have got your back! Unfortunately, we might not always have your back; a few of our madrichim are quick to recount the time that their madrichim gave them suncream for their tiyul, which was all very well and good until they started itching. Left and right there were inexplicable breakouts as irritated rashes burst forth on faces, arms, legs and necks. That is, they were inexplicable until someone checked the expiry date on the suncream bottle.

We’ve learnt our lesson, and now check the dates on all of the suncreams we have before we lather it on our chanichim. But if you’re not a fan of rashes, come to me – I’ll have the sensitive skin suncream.


One of my favourite things about camp is that spending ten days in the outdoors without a hair straightener, without a mirror and with only a river to bathe in means that we start to reveal our true selves. If anything, our hair is the first to revealed as we forgo giving it any sort of attention – who has time to do their hair when there’s kef to be had!


Why carry your water bottle, when you can use a rope and leave your hands free for all the chalutz-ing that’s gotta be done? Who needs a real water bottle pouch, when you can just use a literal rope? Why carry one water bottle, when you can carry a thousand?


Fall-Out Boy shirt – check!
Hi-vis jacket – check!
90s visor – check!

If this isn’t counter-culture, I don’t know what is.

Early-bird sign ups for Machane Simcha 2017 are now open! Head over to the home page to fill in your sign up form, and we’ll see you on the 8th of January for the happiest camp of your life!