Machane Madatzim

Last week, Habo’s Bonim shichva (year 11 and 12) gathered at Camp Karanga in Swanson for four days of young leader training. They discussed issues relating to hadracha (leadership), improving our cultures and societies, and spent time bonding with one another late into the night.

After having returned home surprisingly sunburnt, all of us unsurprisingly exhausted, Elena Bloksberg shared this piece with us.

“Sun of a million,
Daze of a week.
Now all of them gone
My happiness has peaked.
It peaked in their smile,
The dawn of our days.
It peaked in the style
Of laughter turned crazed.
The love, the love, the insanity
The humanity
Of the humanist.
The socialist.
The jew comes together with the
With a panel of the purest
The best people earth around
We make decisions with the coolest
Hear our thunder, earth resound.
We are the generation
We are the inspiration
We are the earthly incarnation
Of joy.
We are family.
We are the daisy chains
We weave for round our heads
And we are ourselves engrained
On the wooden bunk beds.
Now all that’s gone,
Got so much from
Four days as one
Three nights as fun.
Feet stampede, speech not impeded
For we listened and we heeded
We explained and we are greeted
By the laugh trapped up
In a crumpled daisy chain.”

– Elena Bloksberg, 2017