Auckland Ken is the largest Jewish youth movement centre in New Zealand. Between 20 and 40 chanichim attend programs each Sunday, and chanichim from all Jewish backgrounds are invited to come along and check out what we’re about. We offer activities for all ages, from year 4 through to our budding leadership programs for our year 12 and 13’s. Each shichva (group) is assigned to two madrichim (leaders) who take responsibility for running their activities, organising messimah (mission) projects, and just generally offering support in all aspects of life!

Our Sunday meetings are informal, fun and educational, making it the highlight of most chanichim’s weeks! There is a different them for each week, including kef gadol, Hebrew language, scavenger hunts and tours of Israel. We also run a range of other activities including both our famous Chocolate Seder and the Purim Carnival.

The madrichim from Auckland Ken are also very involved in the wider community life. Whether you hail from an orthodox, reform or secular Israeli background, you’re likely to see our blue shirts frequently throughout the year at events such as Yomim Hashoah, Hatzmaut and Hazikaron, at the first day of school at Kadimah, and Hannukah in the Park! We encourage you to get involved in the Ken life no matter your age! There is always something to do, someone to help out or somewhere to be!

Aleh v’Hagshem
Jessica Furmanski
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Shalom Chaverim!!

In 2015 change is in the air at the Wellington Ken. Longtime Habo Wellington stalwarts Sapeer Mayron and Tali Josephs will be taking a more of a behind the scenes approach to Wellington Ken life this year, with Sapeer and Tali both taking on other roles within the movement. We’d both like to publicly acknowledge the incredible work that Sapeer and Tali have done here in Wellington over the past three years, building up the Wellington Ken and facilitating the transition of the Moadon from Cuba to Webb Street. We hope to build on their fantastic legacy!

So who are we?

Individually, we’re known as Ella Fisher and Daniel Josephs respectively. Collectively, we’re known as Daniella (see what we did there?!!). And we’re super stoked to be leading the Wellington Ken this year!! Ella, a true Wellingtonian through and through, replete with her Doc Martens and knitted cardigan, has just returned from Shnat and is ridiculously excited to be Rosh Wellington Ken this year. Daniel, or DJ to those in the know (everyone in Habo), is a reluctant Aucklander but is making a homecoming of sorts, returning to his birthplace of Wellington and to his humble origins in the quaint, seaside city of P-Town (Porirua NOT Petone!!).

We are really looking forward to getting to know all of you Wellingtonians and to making 2015 another landmark year for Habo Wellington – we hope you can join us for the ride!!

Programs in 2015

  • Programs are being run every second Sunday from 12-1pm at our Moadon on Webb Street, Wellington. These programs are for everyone ages 8 and up.
  • We are also running monthly dinners especially for Senior (ages 15-19) on one Monday per month.

Aleh v’Hagshem,

Ella and Daniel.


Ella Fisher (Rosh)

027 781 7772

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Wellington Ken

Christchurch Ken is up to a whole lot of fun in 2013! With the arrival of our brand new Canterbury Shlicha, Shani Haber Goldstein, we will be partying down in terms 3 & 4 with programmes every six weeks – so get excited!

For more information about Christchurch Ken, contact Rosh Ken Tali Josephs at / 021 104 5287

or Shlicha Shani Haber-Goldstein at / 021 432 456.