Reason 8: Camp is all about stretching the limits

This story is one for the history books. It was during a senior set up week, where ropes and tools abound, along with equal parts freedom and responsibility. Senior week is a time where there are no chanichim around to witness our mistakes; it’s a time where madrichim can work out all of our stupid before the chanichim arrive, and we must don our masks of maturity. Of all things that must be built during, the flag pole is of paramount importance. Without the planks holding the structure and the bungee cords to hoist the flag, we have no centre around which to scream our ruach every night. On this […]

Reason 9: You learn never to trust a Bonim Take-Over

Amidst the height of Avatar hype (the blue kind, not the element-bending kind), the bonim of this year decided to go all out. Blue body paint that could have covered an army was brought to camp hidden in bags, pockets and pillowcases, and none of the younger chanichim could see it coming. The day of Bonim Take-Over called for mass-preparation, as there is always a lot to do to make sure this is the best Bonim Take-Over EVER. The tsiud brushes were deployed, and every visible inch of every Bonim chanich/a was covered in royal, obnoxious, rich blue paint. No patch of skin was left is natural colour, and with […]

Why do I choose Habo?

“Why” is always a fun question. Well… it depends on your definitions of fun I guess – but for somebody like myself, who has an insatiable curiosity, ‘why’ questions tend to be the best. What, Where, Who and When are all great, and tend to be closed questions that are locked into the universe around us, and can answered with the scientific method. To answer a ‘How’ question, one needs greater understanding, although a good ‘how’ question is really just a combination of ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘who’ and ‘when’ questions that are pretending to be fancy. ‘Why’ questions however, can be contested! They often involve perspectives, opinions and force us to […]