Reason 2: The unimaginable growth that happens at camp.

As Habo chanichim across New Zealand prepare to pack their bags to spend ten amazing days under the care of the farmland and the forest, the madrichim body can only imagine how the parents of our chanichim feel as they prepare to say good bye to their children. I’m not a parent, so I have literally no idea what you as parents could possibly be thinking. Are you excited to get rid of the kids for ten days? Are you anxious about whether or not they’ll have enough underwear? Are you eager for them to have the same life-changing experiences you had on camp? Or are you worried that they’ll […]

Reason 4: Your AMAAAAZING Madrichim

If you’re joining us at Machane Simcha this summer (and you should be,) you better get ready to spend ten whole days with the coolest twenty-five – ish Madrichim you’ve ever met in your life! The Habonim Dror ANZ Madrichim are currently (mostly) all in one place for planning seminar getting things ready for camp, and while it would take forever to write about every single one of them, we did get to chat to a few! ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Hannah Etherington, how was Shnat? Amaaaaaazing, she says, with the weight of an entire year resting on her shoulders. How do you sum up such a life changing experience in a few […]

Reason 5: It’s MAMASH Important To Get Away

As the uni year wraps up and NCEA exams come to a close, it’s as good a time as any to reflect on how we’ve spent our last year. There’s no doubt that for the majority of us, a large part of our year – even each individual day – is spent digitally connected, be it in school, at work or at home. A large number of us also spend a huge amount of time in the city, and even if we don’t necessarily work or study in the City Central, the neighbourhoods and suburbs we live in can be as rushed and jammed as the cities themselves. Life in […]

Reason 6: What YOU love about camp!

The madrichim body’s reasons for why we can’t wait to get back to camp are endless. Some of the most pertinent reasons include: “Maximum energy via photosynthesis.” – Jarryd P “Building a canvas city. Also. Maximum chill times.” – Tomer S “Hey, when will we be able to see some sort of schedule for planning seminar?” – Adi RB “Wrong chat.” – Tomer S “Sorry team.” – Adi RB “But I’m most excited about frands and international [madrichim].” – Adi RB “Jandal tan.” – Daniel J All of these are great reasons to head to camp. It’s an awesome 22 degrees in Auckland right now, and if the whole Machane […]