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Why do I choose Habo?

“Why” is always a fun question. Well… it depends on your definitions of fun I guess – but for somebody like myself, who has an insatiable curiosity, ‘why’ questions tend to be the best. What, Where, Who and When are all great, and tend to be closed questions that are locked into the universe around us, and can answered with the scientific method. To answer a ‘How’ question, one needs greater understanding, although a good ‘how’ question is really just a combination of ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘who’ and ‘when’ questions that are pretending to be fancy. ‘Why’ questions however, can be contested! They often involve perspectives, opinions and force us to […]

The Benefit of Habo ANZ and a safe space

It’s no secret the Habonim Dror aims to provide a safe space for New Zealand’s Jewish Youth. With a dedicated house in Auckland we can call our home, and yearly camps put together all for our chanichim, the safe space we envisage takes them away from the pressures of school and city life, and puts them in an environment where they share a culture and history with the others, and can build leadership and social skills in their own way. With such a small population of us spread across the country, it’s a high possibility that, unless you go to Kadimah, you’re the only Jewish or Israeli kid in your […]

Habo this week!!!!!

HABO THIS WEEK!! (Sunday the 26th) FIRST OF ALL, big apologies are in order for the late notification for our program this week. We have some slight issues with our emailing system!!! However, tomorrow, we are going to be running a sensational activity for all of those who haven’t disappeared for the long weekend!!!!   This week we are going to be having a full on, action filled paulah at our moadon on Margot Street at 1pm, finishing at our normal time of 3pm!!!!!!! It is going to a SENSATIONAL TIMEA filled with excitement that will blow the mind, and memories to last a life time…. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!!!! If you have […]

Shana Tova!!

Auckland Ken Hey Guys, No program this Sunday due to the holidays, I hope everyone’s well and had a lovely Rosh Ha’Shana!  We are running a peulah for Yom Kippur on the Saturday 4th October at Beth Shalom at 10am for all ages. So please come join us! Shana Tova, Avigal Kazula