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Machane Madatzim

Last week, Habo’s Bonim shichva (year 11 and 12) gathered at Camp Karanga in Swanson for four days of young leader training. They discussed issues relating to hadracha (leadership), improving our cultures and societies, and spent time bonding with one another late into the night. After having returned home surprisingly sunburnt, all of us unsurprisingly exhausted, Elena Bloksberg shared this piece with us. “Sun of a million, Daze of a week. Now all of them gone My happiness has peaked. It peaked in their smile, The dawn of our days. It peaked in the style Of laughter turned crazed. The love, the love, the insanity The humanity Of the humanist. […]

Auckland’s Millennial Jewish Culture

New Zealand’s Jewish Millennials – “Does saying ‘oy vey’ a lot make me Jewish?” The first exposure I had to the Jewish community was at Hannukah in the Park in 2014. If I’m being honest, I only went in the hope of seeing the cute friend of a friend I had met on the bus earlier. (Side note, he was there – score.) Despite having Jewish family in Israel, I grew up completely removed from the Jewish community; but since 2014, I’ve been learning more about what Judaism means to the individual and what Judaism means to a community, and those two things are not one and the same. Many […]

Reason 1: Because it’s all in the name of Simcha!

Camp only rolls around once a year, and Machane Simcha is only going to roll around once in a lifetime. For the last few months, your Madrichim have been planning for the Machane of the century, and this Monday, we’ll be heading up north to set up tents, dig trenches, build beits and have everything ready for when hordes of eager Chanichim descend on us. We’ve planned peulot, we’ve written a menu, we’ve found a site, we’ve locked in camp parents, we’ve designed a gimmick; all we need now is for you to join us. For those of you still asking “why?” we encourage you to take a trip down […]

Reason 2: The unimaginable growth that happens at camp.

As Habo chanichim across New Zealand prepare to pack their bags to spend ten amazing days under the care of the farmland and the forest, the madrichim body can only imagine how the parents of our chanichim feel as they prepare to say good bye to their children. I’m not a parent, so I have literally no idea what you as parents could possibly be thinking. Are you excited to get rid of the kids for ten days? Are you anxious about whether or not they’ll have enough underwear? Are you eager for them to have the same life-changing experiences you had on camp? Or are you worried that they’ll […]

Reason 4: Your AMAAAAZING Madrichim

If you’re joining us at Machane Simcha this summer (and you should be,) you better get ready to spend ten whole days with the coolest twenty-five – ish Madrichim you’ve ever met in your life! The Habonim Dror ANZ Madrichim are currently (mostly) all in one place for planning seminar getting things ready for camp, and while it would take forever to write about every single one of them, we did get to chat to a few! ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Hannah Etherington, how was Shnat? Amaaaaaazing, she says, with the weight of an entire year resting on her shoulders. How do you sum up such a life changing experience in a few […]