Who are we?

Habonim Dror Aotearoa New Zealand is a Jewish, Zionist and Socialist youth movement run by young adults for children from school years 3 – 13.

We meet up regularly in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch where we run programs for kids about a variety of topics. Our primary goal is to provide a basic Jewish education for children who might not neccesarily be able to get one elsewhere. We educate informally, meaning that most programs consist of some form of activity, physical or crafts based, followed by a discussion.

We also run bi-annual camps, in the July and January holidays. These are the highlight of the Habonim year and members from all across the country come together for this social and educational experience. Habonim Dror also sends our recent highschool graduates to Israel for a ten month Shnat Hachshara leadership course. On this programme participants further their Jewish education, meet other Jews from around the world, and receive leadership training to become quality leaders when they return to the New Zealand movement.

Our Aims

  • Bring the Jewish youth of New Zealand together and to educate them on jewish values.
  • Empower our members with knowledge so that they may be critcal thinking, socially aware individuals
  • Be active in the Jewish community and wider global community

You can read more about our aims and the ideals of our movement in the 2017 Constitution